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About the platform

Currently, with the emergency of digitization processes and rapid development of information technologies, there is a natural tendency to transfer professional activity, including the seminars and vocational training, in virtual format.

Thus, with the financial assistance of Sweden and Great Britain, in the framework of the “Advanced Cross-River Capacities for Trade” Project (AdTrade) implemented by the United Nations Development Program UNDP., we set the objective of identifying and providing innovative solutions for managing the process of learning and acquiring new knowledge, by creating an e-learning educational platform for the representatives of the business community, but also for other persons interested in new educational content and personal development in various fields of activity.

A distance learning platform represents a modern alternative to the traditional education process, which corresponds to the nowadays requirements of the labour market and meets the needs for professional or personal development of different categories of beneficiaries.

The creation of an electronic distance learning platform (e-learning) accademy.chamber.md, aims to offer interested parties a set of tools that would facilitate online access to various courses, seminars, individual or corporate trainings, programs coaching, workshops, and would ensure a continuous training process in various fields of activity.



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