Learning Management System launch

On November 16, 2021, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova invites economic operators, representatives of the educational institutions, mass-mediamedia, and any other interested stakeholders to the event of the official launch of the e-learning platform – academy.chamber.md.

The main objectives of the distance learning platform (academy.chamber.md) are:

  • Creating a simple and accessible tool to support adult education process, especially the SMEs representatives, in various fields related to economic activity, legal, financial, necessary for the proper functioning of the private sector or personal development of different categories of beneficiaries;
  • Simplification of the professional development process for economic operators, but also for employees of public and private entities, as well as for private individuals or any other categories of users;
  • Ensuring a wide variety of training programs (thematic seminars, workshops, courses, master-classes, academies, etc.) for representatives of the business community and interested individuals, with the possibility of attending seminars in real time or purchasing a course separately and its completion in a certain period of time;
  • Digitization and automation of the process of professional development and certification of students.

In the framework of the event will present the basic functionalities of the e-learning platform, including:

  • benefits for various categories of target groups and potential users;
  • the main learning instruments offered by the platform;
  • the modes of registration and participation in the courses inserted on the platform;
  • the possibilities offered to trainers to insert their own courses on the e-learning platform.

The e-learning platform is an initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova, and was developed with the financial assistance of Swedenand Great Britain in the framework of the “Advanced Cross-River Capacities for Trade” Project (AdTrade) implemented by the UNDP.